Berlin’s Premiere Indie Rock Party White Noise is Back! We Catch Up With Vincent Wager

After a long break Berlin’s premiere indie rock n roll party ‚White Noise‘ returns to White Trash on Saturday 22nd November which special guest DJ Gary Powell (The Libertines). We catch up with the party’s founder and promoter Vincent.

1) White Noise party returns to White Trash on 22nd November, why was there a long two year break?

I’ve mainly been focusing on my newer project, The Chelsea Bar, as well as disillusionment of „indie clubs“ in Berlin. But after much soul searching I’ve realized it’s who I am. I’ve been doing these types of nights for 13 years already. I’ve got a responsibility to bring rock to the masses I guess. After a 3 year absence from White Trash, both us and them decided it was time „come home“. I’m excited about the new venue and it’s possibilities. Wally the owner is a maker, he gets things done, and I think this new joint is the future of alternative music in Berlin.

2) Gary Powell from the libertines has dj’d at your events before, do you have a close relationship?

I guess we do. I met him 6 years ago but was a fan for much longer. We hit it off right away. I’ve had him dj quite a few times, not only because he’s a libertine but also he’s a great guy and an amazing DJ. I couldn’t imagine anyone else for the relaunch of White Noise.

MGAM Gary Powell

3) How has the „indie disco“ changed in the last years?

Tricky question. Not sure if the indie disco was ever even a thing in Berlin. In the beginning let’s say 2006 it was basically karrera klub and us. I like to think we followed a different path, a club like White Noise isn’t necessarily an „indie“ night more than it’s an alternative dance night. You’ll hear the strokes, Beyoncé and iggy pop in a few minutes. The important thing is dancing, and of course we like it to be left- field and unpredictable. As far as how it’s changed, it’s hard to answer since I feel we kinda started it.. In Berlin at least.. And we haven’t changed much.

4) Do you have a favourite club DJ?

Well I’d be biased as with this question is pretty much name all my friends who also happen to dj. I don’t go out much. I just want to hear good rock n roll when I do though.

5) What has been your favourite night at a promoter so far?

Well… There’s been do many, a lot of them have been at the old white trash, probably when either Marky Ramone, Carl Barat or Peaches djed. Not to name drop but those nights were absolutely insane.



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