Five Questions with Great White Shark

Great White Shark releases his new single „Doberman“.

We managed to pin him down for 5 Questions

1.    For you as a artist, how do you feel you have grown since first starting to make music?

Music has always taken center stage in my life…since I am 5 years old. Interesting enough, the first bands I used to listen to as a teenager, are still very much the backbone of what defines my tastes in music today, and in which direction my alternative rock project is heading towards. Although my background is in classical music, I have grown surrounded with rock and electro music: Great White Shark represents a blended version of all those influences over time.

2.    Where and when was your first live performance and how did you fare?

Great White Shark is a fairly new project, something I was keen to put together for quite some time. The project came to life in early 2018.Live performances will kick off in the second half of 2019.

3. What was the inspiration to be in Berlin and how do you think it compares to other cities?

Berlin lives and breathes music. It seems to me this is a pretty “uncomplicated” place to produce, listen to and enjoy music. It is also fairly easy to connect with people in the industry and make things happen. Finally, from a composition standpoint, it turned out to be a pretty inspiring place to be: the city allows you to somehow choose your own pace, which is a positive for creativity.

4. Your music is a mix of indie, metal, electronic and punk… if you can create your own genre that defines your sound then what would you name it?

Great White Shark falls into the alternative rock genre. Overlaying electronic music, the grungy/punk vocals and the stoner bass lines contribute to the alternative nature of the music’s rock roots.

5. What is next for Great White Shark?

3 things: First, the music video of “Doberman” will be out by the end of January. I am thrilled to have gathered a bunch of great actors for this, in particular, Francesca Tasini and Tougéne Khlifi. Second, we have three more songs in the pipeline. One will be out in spring, the next two songs during the summer. Finally, I am putting together a live act for the second part of the year, and Great White Shark should be on stage later this year.



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